S01 E04- Integrating Technology and Innovation w/. Jaylen Bledsoe

In this episode Kyle and Will talk with 18 year old entrepreneur, and technology guru Jaylen Bledsoe. Jaylen started his first tech company at 12 years old and has never looked back. 

Jaylen, Kyle, and Will discuss how to innovate and integrate technology into your industry in addition to exploring Jaylen's ventures as a young entrepreneur. 


Connect with Jaylen Bledsoe:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/jaylenbledsoe

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jaylenbledsoe

Instagram: instagram.com/jaylenbledsoe

Website: www.jaylenbledsoe.com




Host: Kyle Stefanowicz

Co-Host: Will Davis

Guest: Jaylen Bledsoe

ExecutiveProducer: Kyle Stefanowicz

Associate Producer: Will Davis

Editor: Kyle Stefanowicz

Intro Music: All We Need: Trevor Panarello - Trevorpanarello.com

Intro Voice Over: Suzysays

Outro Music: OMW: Trevor Panarello - Trevorpanarello.com