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Producer / Director - Aged Out Documentary

Tour Manager - FF5 (Fill in)

Production Manager | Southeastern University - Jan. 2014 - May 2015

Production Manager/Tech Director | SEU Conference 2015 

Production Manager-Touring | SEU Worship 

Production Manager | SEU Worship: "Live at The House Of Blues"  Recording

Production Manager/Director/Producer | "So You Think You Can Preach" 

Production Manager/ Tech. Director | Bay Chapel

Production Manager/Stage Manager | "The Living Passover" 

Tech. Director | Nexus Student Ministries

Tech. Director/Stage Manager | "BOJ"

Tech. Director | CrossWalk Community Church

Production Manager/Stage Manager | "Grease" 

Stage Manager | "Pillow Talk"



Jo Dee Messina | Touring FOH Audio

Cassadee Pope | Touring FOH Audio

FF5 | Touring FOH Audio 

SEU WORSHIP (FOH A1 Engineer) | Touring

Fusion Conference 2015 | Williamsburg, VA

SEU Conference 2015 | Lakeland, FL

SEU WORSHIP- Live Album Recording - 2014 | Lakeland, Florida

Georgia AG District Council 2014 | Columbus, GA

Church Multiplication Network- START Conf. 2014 | Lakeland, FL

SEU Conference 2014 (Monitors/Broadcast Mix) | Lakeland, FL

Messio Dei Conference 2014 | Los Angeles, CA

Florida League of Christian Schools  Conf. 2013 | Daytona Beach, FL

NeXus Student Ministries Audio Engineer | Williamsburg, VA

CrossWalk Community Church (FOH/Mon.) | Williamsburg, VA



Christmas Gift | Daytona Beach, FL

SEU Conference 2015 | Lakeland, FL

Classic Christmas | Daytona Beach, FL

SEU Worship- Live at the House of Blues Recording | Orlando, FL

The Living Passover 2011 and 2012 | Williamsburg, VA

The Man Who Cam to Dinner | Williamsburg, VA

Leeland- Live at CrossWalk CC | Williamsburg, VA

High School Musical | Williamsburg, VA

Grease | Williamsburg, Virginia



Biblical Expeditions (biblical-expeditions.com)

Hair by Heidi (hairbyheidib.com)

Aged Out Documentary (agedoutdoc.com)




Aged Out | Producer / Director